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Election 2012

I had the thrill of a lifetime to have a front row seat at one of most closely watched nail biting elections in history. The Associated Press asked me to be the makeup artist for reporters covering election night and spend two days at Mitt Romney's headquarters at the Boston Convention Center. I met reporters and anchors from around the world as they descended on Boston's waterfront to announce who would become the leader of the free world - Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. As I watched the Convention Center being transformed into the stage where Mitt Romney would give his victory or concession speech, I was amazed at the number of people behind the scenes who were almost invisible as they worked frantically to get ready for a night that felt more like Oscar night than election night. Risers were set up for live shots, lights were lifted to the ceiling and workers spent all night installing more than 500 phone lines and TV cables while dozens of satellite news trucks lined up beside the building to get ready to bring the world the name of the next president of the United States. Reporters were feeling exhausted due to traveling and long hours but thanks to the power of applying the right makeup they looked refreshed and relaxed as the lights went on and satellites beamed their beautiful faces around the world.
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