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Jennifer Aniston at Living Proof

I had the pleasure working with Jennifer Aniston, chairman and co-founder Jon Flint and CEO Jill Bernard of Living Proof, a company that puts molecules to work in the battle against bad hair days. If you haven't heard about this amazing company and it's products-you soon will. Jennifer Aniston created quite the buzz when she came to the lab in Cambridge where these products were created using the latest technology that actually works whether your hair is too frizzy, too thin or just too stubborn. Jennifer Aniston, known for having the hair everyone wants, is Living Proof that these products really work. It was quite an experience going behind the scenes of this company to see how science could solve one of the biggest beauty problems women face everyday-bad hair! After trying these products myself, my hair has never looked better. I'm sure like you I've tried just about every product out there but none that really got the job done. Until now. Check out the website and the fascinating story at www.livingproof.com