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To Tone Or Not To Tone

To tone or not to tone!

Toning is an important step in skin care but most of us skip it. Now more than ever toning the skin is essential especially during the summer when the sun and heat really take its toll. My new skincare line Kinara features a toner for both dry and oily skin that will become an important step in your skincare routine.

The dry skin toner does a lot more than tone. It’s a liquid moisturizer that reduces redness, removes dead skin cells, revealing fresher skin while firming and erasing stress. Applying this amazing product feels like a mini-facial: pump the toner once or twice in your hand and gently press into your face and decleotage. You’ll instantly see less redness and dryness, brighter, fresher skin and firmer, more resilient skin over time.

The Re-balancing tonic exfoliates and clarifies pores and releases impediments that can result in breakouts. Soothing to keep skin luminous – never red, stressed, or otherwise overworked or inflamed. You’ll see less visible, clearer pores, fewer breakouts and brighter, purified skin.

You won’t skip this step again once you feel the luxurious liquid moisturizer! My brides are raving about how silky and flawless makeup stays on the skin even in the heat with Kinera toner under Hourglass primer.

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