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Cassandra Bankson & The Power of Makeup

This Today Show interview with Cassandra Bankson, a teenage internet makeup sensation, caught my attention last week.  Though it's difficult to imagine, Cassandra Bankson actually has cystic acne that makes her feel self-conscious.  Regardless of her insecurities, she has taken to youtube to help people like her use cosmetics as a confidence booster.  On her youtube channel (which, as of right now, has 378 videos and over 19 millions views) she has filmed herself applying her makeup and gives step-by-step instructions for how to create a flawless complexion, even if you aren't naturally blessed with clear skin.

Her bravery and confidence are truly inspiring, and I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did!  Like me, she is a huge fan of Hourglass Cosmetics (click the link to see just how huge of a fan she really is- it's adorable!) and has confessed her love for the Veil Mineral Primer as well as the Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation and a whole host of their other goodies.

I very much admire Cassandra's enthusiasm for empowering women through boosting their confidence with cosmetics as well as for her lovely spirit.  I hope you enjoy it, too!  And if you want to try some amazing Hourglass products, please stop in the studio.

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