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Diego Dalla Palma is Divine

Diego Dalla Palma has brought us a daring new line of earthy tones with a richness and sensuality that is both incredibly fresh and playfully masculine.  The line is Divine, and I'm having a fabulous time experimenting with the new pallet!

Here's what I'm loving:

  • Layering a matte Bordeaux Anti Age Lipstick with a Dove Grey Gloss for dimensional shine that's sealed with a stony kiss.  
  • Creating the sensual Eye: Start with the The Dual Colour Eye Pencil and Kajal, which allows you to bring focus to the eyes by lining the inside with a soft, light beige and the outside with a strong deep brown.  The pencil has a satin finish and precision point and glides over the lid like a dream!  For maximum impact, pencil in a gorgeous brow with a confident arch.  When it comes to shadow, keep the smokey tones lighter- use the Essential Due Eye Shadow in Dove and Grey for a stoic finish that's perfect from morning to evening.
  • Formal and elegant neutrals!  In the world  of makeup, neutrals have always been safe.  Beige and mauve have been used for easy daytime looks and demure evening styles, but Diego brings neutrals to a whole new level! From Pink Grey to Dove, these DDP colors evoke a quiet, though mighty strength, and I love their versatility and lasting finish! 
I'm extremely impressed with this entire new line.  The colors can undoubtedly be worn with your favorite jeans and cozy sweater, but they also pair perfectly with a LBD or winter-white evening gown.  They're grown-up colors with a new sophistication that most make-up lines can't come close to achieving.  They're stoic yet adventures, and I urge you to stop in the studio to try them for yourself! 

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