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Klix It On & Klix It Off

Be honest: do you clean your makeup brushes?  If so, how often?  Did you know that it only takes a few makeup applications for bacteria, dust and excess makeup to build up on your bristles, thereby impeding flawless makeup application and significantly detracting from the quality of your skin's health and beauty? 

Trust me, I know what a hassle it is to clean makeup brushes (I do it all the time), so I was especially pleased to find Klix, a makeup brush with a replaceable head that you can easily snap off and recycle when it's dirty.  The bristles are synthetic, and were made by founder Linda Shrier to imitate natural hair bristles and evenly apply both powder and cream-based makeup.  Their soft, white bristles allow you to easily judge when the head needs to be clicked off, recycled, and replaced with a clean, new brush. 

I've started to sell Klix brushes and replacements in the studio.  I think they're especially great for women who travel often and frequently expose their makeup brushes to new environments (think about the cleanliness of the inside of your purse, suitcase, or even  your makeup bag...) and don't have time to clean their brushes as often as they should.  

Next time you're in the studio, take a look at the brushes.  I think they're fantastic, and I'm sure you will too!

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