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Introducing Diego Dalla Palma

Ever wonder how Italian women always manage to look so chic?  With their red lips, flawless skin and smokey eyes, they definitely seem to have their makeup routine together, and their secret is Diego Dalla Palma, a Milan-based cosmetic brand founded in the mid 1970s. 

Diego Dalla Palma is committed to creating beauty in a world of gorgeous imperfection.  As you're well aware, no two women are perfectly alike, and DDP celebrates those differences and encourages women to choose products that will enhance their individual beauty rather than conform to an impossible standard.  With an extensive collection of stunningly pigmented products ranging from lip liners to nail polish, every woman is able to find products that will best enhance her personal style- whether it be edgy and dark, classic and subtle, or elegant and bright. 

I've had the Diego Dalla Palma line in my studio for about a month and have had so much fun getting acquainted with it!  The lipsticks are smooth and glossy, the foundations cover beautifully but still allow the skin to move freely and breathe, and the colors across the entire line are so incredibly lovely!  When I use the line, DDP's commitment to art become hugely evident- and every face becomes a masterpiece. 

Over the next couple posts, I will be introducing this wonderful line to you and focus on the products I'm most excited about.  I encourage you to stop in the studio and take a look at the brand (I'm honored to be the only Diego Dalla Palma retailer in Boston) and play with the colors and textures yourself! 

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