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Mirage by Hourglass

If you're anything like me, you've been absolutely enjoying this glorious summer sun, but after the clam bakes, baseball games, and days at the beach, I've acquired some pretty serious tan lines.  To combat unwanted lines and to even out my skin, I've become reliant on Mirage Waterproof Bronzer by Hourglass.  With this product, my makeup brush becomes a magic wand and my tan lines completely disappear- making it perfect for strapless dresses and wedding gowns!

To apply, choose a clean, dry powder brush with a diameter that is close to the width of the lines you'd like to cover.  Keep in mind that the powder works best with medium/dark tanned skin, and is quite concentrated.  To disperse it evenly, tap the excess powder off your brush before lightly dusting it over your skin until the lines are invisible. 

If you need more concentrated coverage, I recommend using a clean, damp sponge.  After you've applied it with the sponge, give the area a little dusting with a brush to completely blend it to your natural tanned tone.

Not only is the product going to give you a stunning, even skin tone, it's also going to last!  The bronzer is waterproof, which means no amount of humidity will allow it to melt away, making it my go-to bronzer for outdoor weddings, garden parties, or trips to the pool.  And I personally love it's clever packaging- the magnetic case means I can throw it in my purse without worrying about it opening, and the built-in travel mirror allows me to touch up my tan lines or dab some extra bronzer on my cheeks even when I'm on the go! 

Mirage Waterproof Bronzer ($40), blender sponges and brushes are all available at Katrina Hess Makeup Studio at 115 Newbury Street, Suite 301.

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