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Will Kate Middleton's Royal Makeup be a Royal Mess?

You've probably heard that Kate Middleton will be doing her own makeup for her wedding to Prince William tomorrow.  Though Kate is a beautiful woman who seems to have her makeup routine down pretty well, I still feel as though doing your own makeup on the day of your wedding is always a brave thing for a Bride to do, and for a high-profile wedding such as Kate's, I feel that it's also a risky decision.

As I said in today's Boston Herald, "I can't imagine her hand will be steady enough to apply eyeliner," so I'm curious to know if she has a professional makeup artist waiting in the wings, just in case her nerves get the best of her tomorrow morning.  I hope Kate doesn't keep her makeup too simple, but also doesn't overcompensate for the occasion and go too bold (professional makeup artists know how to find that perfect balance to create stunning natural looks that will look great in person and in the light of hundreds of flashbulbs). That being said, I'm so excited to see her final wedding look, and wish her all the best!

Don't forget to check back for my wedding critique tomorrow!  Royal Wedding, here we come!

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