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A Royal Wedding, Indeed!

Oh my gosh, Kate Middleton!  What a stunning bride!  From head to toe (and yes, that includes makeup, too!) Kate, the new Duchess of Cambridge, looked sophisticated, elegant, and completely lovely throughout the entirety of her wedding this morning! And did her dress remind anyone else of Grace Kelly's? 

She stuck to her word, and Kate ended up doing her own makeup today (contrary to my hypothesis yesterday), but I was interested to learn that she prepared for her wedding by training with a professional makeup artist and attending a three of lessons with British makeup artist Arabella Preston.  Arabella has a terrific portfolio on her website, and I was pleased to learn that her makeup kit looks surprisingly familiar- the only thing I don't have (and realize I need) is a perfect Q-Tip brush.  I think it's great that Kate took the time to learn how to properly apply her makeup for the occasion, and I think she did a really stunning job. 

Let's take a closer look at her handiwork: I especially loved the contour in her cheek and the rosy flush that looked so healthy and sweet!  I also thought she did a great job with her brown and black smoky eyes, and was glad she chose a nude, pink lip.  Of course, we're all waiting with bated breath to learn what the exact products are that she used, for this look will be recreated by women attending events (and weddings!) all summer long! 

I also want to give honorable mentions to Camilla and the Queen, who both looked very stately and regal for the ceremony. 

And I hope they live happily ever after...


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