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Countdown To A Royal Wedding: On-Screen Brides

There's nothing quite like sitting down to watch a film that features a beautiful wedding where everything runs smoothly, the characters don't forget their vows, and nobody passes out at the reception. Though the kinks throughout the wedding day are the special details that we remember for the rest of our lives, it's still fun to fantasize about having the perfect on-screen wedding ceremony!

Let's start with a classic: Elizabeth Taylor as Kay Banks in the 1950 original Father of the Bride. Again, I cannot stress Elizabeth Taylor's beauty, and she looks gorgeously pouty throughout the film as she plays a beloved daughter to a doting father. And don't you just love it in movies when all the details come together at the last minute?

Another classic wedding scene is in Steel Magnolias, when Julia Robert's character, Shelby, gets married. The picture below just kills me- I love her father's big smile, and Shelby's beautiful bouquet and the excitement in her eyes! It must be so fun to be a film star and get to have fantastic photos in so many different wedding gowns! Can you imagine?!

A recent favorite, and one of the most magical modern-day wedding scenes I've ever seen, comes from Love Actually. I love how Keira Knightly's character, Juliet, looks like such a giddy, young bride and I like her quirky sense of style. Every times I watch it, I'm just as surprised as Juliet and Peter when their friends jump up in the audience and begin playing instrumental parts in "All You Need Is Love". It's just a really special moment, and a really legendary piece of film history that will live on for ages.

What are your favorite on-screen weddings, and how do you think they will compare to Kate and Will's wedding on Friday (tomorrow!)?

Until the big day,

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